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Singing Sister Visit

What a treat to have Courtnye visit us while on vacation in the Black Hills. All the way from her Joplin, MO chorus - it's what you do when Sweet Adeline’s is 100% part of your soul!

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We're Back!!

BHSC is excited to announce WE'RE BACK to in-person rehearsals!  We're thrilled to be singing and ringing chords together once again!


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Looking forward to Singing Together Again with Karen Breidert

A terrific night with guest Karen Breidert! So much positive energy and love! ❤️

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"A" Level Singing with Peggy Gram

A wonderful evening for "A" level learning where we "Creamed it, and then creamed it again" with Peggy Gram!

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Character & Expression with Tori Postma

What a great night of learning and laughter with Tori Postma!

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Voice Building with Darin Drown

What a great evening learning how build our voices back into shape after this last year! Thank you, Darin, for all your helpful tips and tricks!

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BHSC with Titanium Quartet

What a great night with Titanium Quartet

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In Remembrance - Sharon Babb

A piece of our chorus is now forever missing. Every time we sing “Singing With The Saints,” it will be in honor of our dear friend, Sharon.

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RMR8 Mass Sing "The Voice of Harmony"

We can still sing together even during our "apart" time.  Click the link to listen: https://youtu.be/lC5o6KE3oZQ

Thank you Jennifer T.! 

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Come join us for Virtual Rehearsal!

A lot of fun and laughter happens on a Tuesday evening - and learning, too! Give us a shout out through email to let us know if you'd like to join us - [email protected].

We'd love to see you!


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