Zonta Expo

Our booth at the Zonta Expo October, 2016

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After Glo Rocky Mountain Region 8 Competition

Good reason to party! BHSC placed 2nd in their category. Awesome job, Ladies!

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Coaching with Vicki Mayberry

Vicki  spent Friday evening and Saturday coaching our chorus.  She gave us methods to improve our performances with breathing, relaxation techniques and vocal warmups.  She made great suggestions on our music for the upcoming show. Sue McCormick instructed us in a yoga session and a presentation during lunch on different media types.  We really appreciate all of their efforts in improving our chorus.  A big thanks to them!

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Treasure Box

Box of Colors by Karla

I chose to bring a box of colors because it reminds me of chorus. This box contains a group of colors which, when used, can make a masterpiece. Once single color cannot color something outstandingly beautiful. It takes all the colors to make the masterpiece completeJust like us, when used, can make a masterpiece in music. Our chorus needs each and every one of us to create that masterpiece. If you think that just one voice doesn't matter, just ask a child who can't find the yellow color when she wants to color a sun? So, the next time you see a box of colors, remember the chorus. Come "sharpened" and ready to sing so Judy can use us to make a masterpiece in music.

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SDSMT Football Game

After singing the national anthem at SDSMT football game, we got a thumbs up from the Hardrocker mascot, Grubby. What fun!

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